Chinese technology giant Xiaomi has started working on the double-cell battery. It seems that the charging of the middle segment will never end in 2021.

According to the information received today; Xiaomi is working on a dual cell battery design. Even according to the allegations; This technology of Xiaomi also received 3C certification. According to the certificate, the nominal capacity is set at 2390 × 2 = 4780mAh and 2485 × 2 = 4970mAh. However, the leak giant @DigitalChatStation reports that the standard value of these batteries will be 4920 mAh and 5120 mAh, respectively.

If Xiaomi uses 55W fast charging in this design, these batteries can be fully charged in 35 minutes. Moreover, there are expectations that these will be 3C battery cell designs. Since all of Xiaomi’s flagship models are designed with 6C batteries, these batteries will most likely be for mid-range phones.

Xiaomi’s fastest charging power right now, as you know, 120W fast charging technology. The company used this technology in Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Edition. Note that this device also supports wireless fast charging up to 55W.

Xiaomi’s new battery technology will likely be in the middle segment. This technology will both increase the battery capacity and offer faster charging times. In 2021, Xiaomi is expected to show interest in the upper segment to the middle segment. Especially the interest and interest in the middle segment in the world market seems to mobilize Xiaomi.

Due to the global pandemic, people try to keep their money. That’s why phone sales dropped in 2020. Since this pandemic will continue in 2021, people can focus on the entry and middle segment on the phone. We are confident that the war of the middle segments will await us in 2021.


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