Xiaomi, the third biggest name in the smartphone market, plans to lead the smartphone market in 2023. Why would not?


Nowadays, as the balances continue to change in the smartphone market, Chinese companies have come to the fore. OPPO, which is expected to launch its new smartwatch series soon, is one of them. Trying to compete with giants like Huawei, OPPO will make a name for itself with its new smart watch series. The Xiaomi brand, which has millions of users in our country and in the world, continues to be in our news frequently. The Chinese company, which is the world’s largest phone manufacturer after Apple and Samsung, came up with some plans for 2023. The company will fight to become the leader of the smartphone market in 2023.

The Chinese phone manufacturer, which will appear on the roads with various electric vehicles at the end of the year, seems to have lost sight of it. There is new news from the company, which is expected to surpass Apple in the second quarter of this year and rise to the second place in the smartphone market.

Xiaomi Wants to Take Leadership in 2023

The Chinese tech giant is focusing on its recent rapid growth, trying to become the leader of the smartphone market. The company, which has reached millions in a short time with its flagships this year, wants to transfer this success to a higher launch. The company, which is expected to outpace Apple, set its sights on leadership. With the details coming today, he announced that the company does not want to repeat the fate of Huawei and that they plan to become a leader in the smartphone market by 2023. If we look at the sales figures of the company, we can state that this thought may be.


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