Xiaomi has filed a patent for a cell phone with a camera module built into a rotating screen. The project was located on the website 91 Mobiles in documentation from the National Intellectual Property Administration of China (CNIPA) and indicates yet another proposal to prevent visual interference from frontal sensors – such as notches and holes.

According to illustrations of the concept, the smartphone would have a “shared” panel and only a group of cameras, which could be used in the front and back thanks to a rotating mechanism. However, it is not clear how Xiaomi would solve potential problems arising from this format.

An example of this is that it would be necessary to minimize or “erase” the horizontal line left in the upper area of ​​the display. The possibility of rotating it would also open a gap for problems, such as accumulation of dust and other residues, which could damage the device over time.

Another question that the project does not answer is how this system would work: whether the user should activate it manually or if automatically via facial unlock, for example. Despite being a current proposal, we do not know if in fact Xiaomi will launch such a smartphone. After all, it is common for technology companies to apply for patents that never leave the paper.


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