Xiaomi, which has managed to make a name for itself with its smart phone models for a few years. Xiaomi, which offers both cheap and high performance smartphones to the market, has rolled up its sleeves to make a name for itself in other areas. Very soon, Xiaomi smart glasses will also enter our lives.



As you know, most of Xiaomi’s products have very similar features with Apple products. Due to its similarities with Apple, Xiaomi was once considered a copycat company. In fact, when MIUI was first developed, it had a lot of repercussions in the technology world with its similarity to iOS. After these developments, the brand devastated these perceptions by developing its own innovative products and quickly got rid of the imitator position.

The company, which produces its own cameras as well as frameless screens for smartphones, is now preparing to upset the smart glasses market. Announcing that it has received a new glasses patent, Xiaomi also stated that the smart glasses and box will be on the market soon. As you know, this is not Xiaomi’s first work on smart glasses. However, the first hard information was seen thanks to the patent that was announced.

So What Is The Difference Of Xiaomi Smart Glasses From Other Smart Glasses?
Smart glasses will be used for treatment. To give a little more detail, with Xiaomi smart glasses, people’s brain diseases, mental diseases and even eye fatigue will be treated.

While it was stated that the product emits some therapeutic signals, contains phototherapy signals and fluctuates the signals, it was stated that diseases can be treated with these properties. With this development, Xiaomi believes that people’s brain and mental illnesses can be cured thanks to light therapy.

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