Now a master of updates, Xiaomi is constantly improving its popular MIUI interface. As it is known, the company appeared with the MIUI 12 interface last year. This version, which underwent major changes in terms of visual angle and system animation, was praised by almost all users. Now the company has rolled up its sleeves for its next giant update, MIUI 13. However, there is a massive MIUI 12.5 version offered before it. Because the Chinese manufacturer gave life to smartphones in this version.



MIUI 12.5 very successful

The MIUI 12.5 interface, as it is known, was launched a few weeks ago with the Xiaomi Mi 11 model. Although at first everyone thought this version would contain standard things, it wasn’t exactly that. Because the Chinese manufacturer almost gave birth to our phones from the ashes with this version. We can say that MIUI 12.5 is very successful both visually and in terms of fluency.

As beta users who also have the Chinese version of MIUI 12.5, we really liked this version. Compared to older MIUI interfaces, we see that MIUI 12.5 maximizes performance by reducing memory consumption. For example, I have a smartphone with 8GB of RAM. While this phone left 3.5GB of free space before MIUI 12.5, with MIUI 12.5 this consumption was at a very high level. After installing this new software, the remaining 3.5GB of RAM on my phone started going up to between 4.8 and 5.6GB. Thus, we have seen once again that Xiaomi gives importance to memory consumption in MIUI 12.5. In other words, this situation will get better in MIUI 13 and will make our smartphones more fluid, just like iOS.

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MIUI 12.5 new battery stats are excellent

Battery consumption has also decreased significantly with MIUI 12.5. On the other hand, the Chinese company has added a new “battery statistics” section to its beta versions. This feature added to the interface is really useful. Now, applications that drain your battery are detected more accurately and a report is presented to you. It also tells you whether to replace your battery, just like Apple, with its “battery health” function. This includes the following; You have to follow the phrases bad, normal, good and excellent. You can change your battery according to these situations.

In addition, a battery temperature feature is offered. With it, you can see your battery temperature. At the same time, some supported models are also introduced with the “Reverse Charge” function.


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