Xiaomi is preparing to include the performance mode feature on smartphones. Of course, this feature will not be available on all phones.


Xiaomi continues to work on improving the MIUI interface. Updates proceed in three directions. The first is Android 11, the second is MIUI 12.5, and the third is monthly security and stability-focused updates. Xiaomi also tests many of the improvements it includes in the interface, primarily on users included in the MIUI beta process. According to the latest beta version, Xiaomi is working on the performance mode feature. It is not surprising that the new feature, which was previously talked about that Xiaomi will bring to some smartphones, is seen in a beta version made available for Europe, as Xiaomi tries such important developments in the Chinese ROM first.

If you look at the “Power and Performance” menu on Xiaomi smartphones, you will see only two operating modes. These are: “Energy Saving” and “Ultra Energy Saving”. But a curious user finds another working option here. The new working method, called high performance, is currently inactive.

The performance mode seen in MIUI Beta 21.6.28 version will not be on all phones of the brand, according to the source that leaked the image. We will probably not see this mode on entry and old low-end phones.

If you are using beta ROM to contribute to the MIUI development team, it is likely that the high performance mode feature will appear in you. It is currently unclear when Xiaomi will use this development in stable ROMs, but it seems likely that we will see the performance mode with MIUI 13, which is expected to be introduced in August.


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