Xiaomi News: There is new news from the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi. The company working on algorithms for earthquakes seems to save lives.


Xiaomi, the world’s third largest phone maker, is preparing to save lives. The company, which works on algorithms for earthquakes in its homeland of China, will try to prevent loss of life by reporting the earthquake. The phone manufacturer, which is in a popular position in our country and in the world, is closely followed with the steps it takes. Continuing to reach millions with different phone models, the company continues to take brand new technological steps. The company, which works on earthquakes, seems determined to save lives.

In the new details that emerged today, it was stated that the Chinese company has developed an earthquake warning system that warns of earthquakes. Inspired by the recent earthquakes in China, the company worked on a life-saving algorithm.

Xiaomi Working on Earthquake Warning System

With the details coming today, it has been confirmed once again that the company is working on the earthquake warning system. As you may recall, we mentioned that the Chinese company is working on some products related to earthquakes in the past months. It was expected and the company announced its new algorithm. The new algorithm will detect earthquakes earlier and save lives. The algorithm, which was stated to have detected 35 earthquakes before, works on phones. With the help of their phones, users will be able to learn when the earthquake will occur and watch the earthquakes on their phones. Thanks to the warnings, users will be able to learn the magnitude of the earthquake.


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