Continuing to sell smartphones, Xiaomi will launch the Xiaomi Redmi Smart TV television on March 17th, it will be very nice.


The Chinese technology ​​giant Xiaomi, which has launched high quality smart phone models all over the world, will also appear with its vehicle model this year. The company, which has started to appear in almost every sector, will try to make a name for itself with its new foldable phones as well as the vehicle model with its own equipment this year. Shaking hands with Samsung for the foldable phone, the company will have provided the foldable phone screens like this. The company, which will meet users with different phone models as well as television models, will be showcased on March 17 with Xiaomi Redmi Smart TV.

The company, which is very popular with its Redmi series phones and sold millions of units, will now try to continue this success with its new television model. The Chinese technology giant, which appeals to a very nice audience with its quality and cheap products, has started the countdown for March 17. The company will appear with a new television model on March 17th.

Xiaomi Redmi Smart TV to Launch on March 17

The Chinese company, which pointed out that a new product will come at the launch of the Redmi Note 10 series held in India recently, the curiosity was also satisfied with the new information. Planning a new launch on March 17, the company will present its first Redmi branded Smart television to its users. Unfortunately, there is not much information about the television model that came out with a poster that fell on the Internet. The company, which has come up with television models such as 65 inches and 70 inches in the past, can take a surprise to the market with a television model larger than 80 inches.


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