To expand its set of smart home devices, Xiaomi launched the Mi Smart Curtain, a curtain that can be programmed through the Mi Home app or by voice commands according to the user’s routine. The product will be launched on Wednesday (10) in China for 699 yuan.

The rail power cable is about 1.5 meters long and its drive motor has a power of 20 W and noise below 30 dB. In China, the devices work with the XiaoAI assistant, but it is possible to integrate with Alexa and Google Assistant.

In addition to allowing manual control or by voice commands, the user can configure the curtains to open at dawn or close with the use of the TV.

The device, which was announced shortly after the sofa with its own heating, aims to complement Xiaomi’s smart home ecosystem. According to the manufacturer, the installation service will be free for Chinese users.


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