John E. Deaton of the Deaton Law Firm filed a request to intervene in the Ripple legal battle against the SEC.


XRP owner John E. Deaton, managing partner of Deaton Law Firm, made a request to intervene in Ripple’s legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

What’s the purpose?

In a letter to Judge Analisa Torres, Deaton says more than 6,000 community members contacted her:

Although the millions of XRP Owners mentioned in Ripple’s Answer have not contacted me, more than six thousand XRP Owners have contacted me requesting their individual and collective voices be heard.

If the case is approved by the judge, the owners of the cryptocurrency associated with Ripple Labs will act as a third-party defendant in the lawsuit to protect their interests.

XRP fell 67 percent in the days after the case was made public on December 22 and announced that multiple exchanges were suspended or removed from the list.

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