According to CEO Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple can move forward without XRP if it loses the case.


Will XRP be abandoned

During a CNN interview with Julia Chatterley, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said that abandoning XRP and replacing it with an alternative could “definitely” be part of the solution when asked about “contingency plans” in the United States:

This could definitely be part of the solution. I think there’s a certain oddity that XRP picked some kind of winner here: He said Bitcoin isn’t a security, it’s sad that Ether isn’t a security, but I think everything else is at some risk. These risks are increasing more and more, especially considering what they did in the lawsuit against Ripple.


Transparency standard

Blockchain company Garlinghouse and co-founder Chris Larsen are sued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission for unregistered XRP sales.

Garlinghouse hardly denies claims that he earned $ 150 million from XRP sales.

I am really looking forward to the facts that will emerge at the court. You know, this is something I don’t comment publicly because the wheels of justice move slowly. It is important that we reveal the facts. We listened to one side of the story from the SEC.

The billionaire insists that Ripple and he are more transparent than “anyone” in the cryptocurrency industry and encourages other market participants to reach such a high standard.


Ripple is not threatened by DeFi

The manager doesn’t think Ripple has been threatened by stablecoins and DeFi as it solves a cross-border payment issue.

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The company recently introduced a special version of the XRP Ledger for central banks.

Garlinghouse also believes that Bitcoin will not go, and this is also true for the wider crypto industry. However, the flagship reiterated the cryptocurrency’s concerns about excessive energy consumption, adding that XRP is 100,000 times more efficient per transaction.

Not accepting that the carbon footprint is a real problem can hinder the technology’s success.


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