Recent analytics data reveal that Ripple has transferred more than 160 million XRPs in the past 13 hours.

The XRPL Monitor account reported that Ripple has made three consecutive transactions of 30 million, 100 million and 30.3 million XRPs in the past thirteen hours. One of the 30 million XRP transmissions went to an anonymous XRP address.

160.3 Million XRP Transfer

The XRPL bot on Twitter shared data on transactions carried by Ripple, carrying a total of 160.3 million XRP. This is a number corresponding to $ 30,704,672.

The 30 million XRP transaction created question marks in the minds. XRP enthusiast Alex Beadi asked for a statement on this topic. Beadi also questioned the sale of 60 million XRP related Bitstamp.

The user accused Ripple management of supporting XRP inflation by selling more of the company’s tokens.

90 Million XRP Transaction

XRPL Monitor has also announced recent transactions regarding Ripple. Similarly, 90 million XRP ($ 17,253,640) was transferred to Bitstamp from an address believed to be one of Ripple’s safety wallets.


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