The beautiful Yanet García modeled from the stairs of the morning show Hoy and her shorts could barely contain her charms.

If we know Yanet García for something, it is for her great charms, because the young driver better known as “The weather girl” gained great fame for her excellent figure when she introduced us to the meteorological phenomena on television.

For this reason, it will not surprise you that this photograph that we will tackle today is one of the ones that best portrays her great beauty, taking place on one of her visits to the Hoy program , where she modeled from the morning stairs to show us everything that can be done. achieve based on a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

In the snapshot, we can see Yanet García with a small white suit, which seems to be breaking, because throwing could barely contain her great charms, something characteristic of the beautiful young woman.

The suit featured colored ornaments to represent the LGBT + community, which it supports. At the time, the photo was one of those that received the most attention, managing to gather more than 600 thousand likes and hundreds of comments where they admired her beauty and complimented her with very creative compliments, since it is known that fans spend some time creating them. messages to increase the chances of being read by her.

Some artists even commented on how beautiful she looks and the excellent job she is doing supporting this community. In these times it is very important to have an open mind, something that has been shown on several occasions by giving opinions on these issues.

It is worth mentioning that at that time Yanet García is retired from television, so many viewers miss her a lot and are watching her social networks to learn more about her.

In her official Instagram profile we learned that the young woman is preparing to study nutrition Well, thanks to her husband who supports her a lot, she took this path thanks to a beautiful experience she had with her mother.

The young woman advised her mother to do some exercise routines and diets that she has been using, so she lost weight quickly and felt very good about herself, something that prompted her to recommend to her daughter that because she was not studying this career , being so important that it was her great motivation.

For this reason, the young woman has already opened a page where she seeks to be a nutrition and beauty coach and is willing to study what is necessary to learn about this career that interests her so much and that it is very possible that there will be more doors than she already had for being the beautiful weather girl.

A farmer in the career of the young woman which we will surely be able to enjoy very soon in a program in which she will appear because the young woman is already in the media and it is possible that she will make the most of it.

At the moment we can only wait and be aware of her Instagram profile, where she tells us everything that happens to her apart from that she pampers us with incredible photos, where she shows off her beauty and leaves her followers very happy.

Shortly one of her followers told her that she did not have the prettiest face, something that seemed very negative to her and that she should change, because women should support each other and not be attacking each other in this way.

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