After the ‘Good Girl’ program ended, Yeeun sat and chatted with ‘Star News’ about her attendance at the event.

When Yeeun was asked about the impressions she had seen from other artists who also participated in the ‘Good Girl’ program, she replied “They aren’t scary at all” and maybe Yeeun was too nervous because she was shy.

“When I started talking to the Unnies while enjoying snacks, they were very good and very different from the image they displayed.” Yeeun explained.

Yeeun also revealed that she found her confidence again after singing the song ‘Witch’ with Hyoyeon, Cheetah, Jamie, and Jiwoo.

He further revealed that the cast of ‘Good Girl’ had their own chat group. “The pace of our group chat is very fast, so you need to have the right time. DinDin Oppa is always bullied even in group chats. ”

He continued, “Even in group chats, Ailee unnie, Youngji, and Jamie unnie are the most influential people.”

Have you also watched ‘Good Girl’?


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