Actor Yoo Tae Oh may play the lead character in the romance drama Now We’re Breaking Up.

On June 26, Yoo Tae Oh’s agency CJ Entertainment announced that the actor has received an offer to work on the drama and is reviewing the script.

Now We’re Breaking Up focuses on the life of Ha Young Eun, a designer who works for a fashion brand. This is a 38 year old woman who does not believe in relationships and considers getting emotional in a waste of time.

Yoo Tae Oh has been offered to play the character of Yoon Jae Guk, a fashion photographer. Should she accept the offer, it would be the first time for the actor to play a leading role in a drama.

Until now, Yoo Tae Oh has played supporting roles in various dramas like Arthdal ​​Chronicles, Vagabond and Chocolate.

Furthermore, a few days ago it was revealed that actress Park Soo Ae has received an offer to play the role of Now We’re Breaking Up star Ha Young Eun.

The drama will be directed by Lee Gil Bok and written by Jae In. Its premiere is scheduled for the second half of 2020.

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