Maybe DJ Khaled could have read the label before doing the unboxing …


The music producer received a Series S from Xbox and WarnerMedia. This was a special kit for influencers, artists and media that they launched to promote the new movie Space Jam: A New Legacy. Unfortunately, they may not have warned DJ Khaled in time, who mistook it for a horn:

This ‘special speaker’ had been promoted through his Instagram as part of a press kit for Space Jam: A New Legacy. This contained a special controller, a console, and a pair of limited-edition sneakers. However, it all fell apart when he got to the Xbox Series S which he mistook it for a single speaker, which would make sense with his job as a producer.

Did someone tip off DJ Khaled that it was an Xbox Series S?

This Instagram story caused a number of memes reminiscent of the unique shape of the Xbox Series S. Certainly, more people learned about the company’s new model thanks to DJ Khaled. And even more so, fans of limited edition sneakers, could admire this special edition of Nike that came with this press kit:

Certainly no one can be blamed for mistaking the Xbox Series S for an old speaker. If we were DJ Khaled’s age, it probably would have happened to us too. What do you guys think about this? Do you think it was a mistake to send this kit to the music producer or was it a plan of the company so that the memes would not stop coming?


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