Xiaomi’s next-generation interface update has been used as Beta for a while. Over the next week, the update will be widely available to many Xiaomi models. With the update, many new features will be available to users. MIUI 12.5 Natural Touch Feature has officially emerged today.



With this feature, which we have encountered for the first time in XDA Forums, it is aimed to reach another point in vibration. With the integration of vibration into the entire interface, an interface with a much more tactile feedback will welcome us. So how will this work? Let’s watch the video.

It is also stated that this new vibration motor, called Xiaomi Haptic, will take place in new phones (including Mi 11). So in the upcoming period, Xiaomi seems to strengthen this software support with hardware. It is one of the details that has already been spoken in the backstage that Xiaomi will move quickly after the MIUI12.5 update and will present the MIUI 13 update soon.

What is MIUI 12.5 Natural Touch?

The Natural Touch system will give users more realistic feedback about their touches, scrolls and movements of different intensities depending on the settings. Users will have access to the Natural Touch settings for Live, Basic, Pop, and Realistic Touch modes. Pop’s haptic feedback is also preserved when opening context menus, while the base vibration is triggered for swipe gestures. Realistic Touch will be activated when you unlock your device, press the power button or interact with notifications.

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Frankly, we look forward to this feature…


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