As you know, there is a ban on going out without a mask due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, when you wear a mask, the Face ID feature on Apple’s iPhone models does not work. With iOS 14.2, a temporary solution was found, such as opening the password entry screen when the face mask was detected. Now, with iOS 14.5, this solution is leveling up.



Keylock made easy with iOS 14.5

With the new update offered by Apple to its developers, the moment Face ID detects that it is a face mask, if you have an Apple Watch and it is on your wrist, it will unlock it directly with the Apple Watch. However, the mask must be detected for this. In other words, it will not be possible to unlock the screen with Apple Watch in daily use.

Unfortunately, we can say that it is too late for this feature. The new version, which is still in beta, is said to be released in late March at the earliest. It seems that those who use iPhone with Face ID for 2 more months will have cancer to unlock the keypad on the street. This beta version will probably be available to everyone in the coming days. However, according to the information provided; Popular apps like Twitter crash on this version. So the new update is not very stable as it is.

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