Rookie girl group Weeekly finally made their debut by releasing the music video ‘Tag Me’.

Weeekly is a rookie girl group made by Play M Entertainment agency, an agency that also houses senior girl group Apink and boy group VICTON.

After previously teasing fans by releasing various teasers, in the early hours of Tuesday (6/30) Weekly released their debut music video entitled ‘Tag Me’.

This music video was released before Weeekly released the first mini album ‘We Are’ at 18:00 KST on the same day.

‘Tag Me’ is an upbeat pop dance song with melodies and lyrics that sound so catchy to the ear.

Through this music video we can see the charm of Weeekly members who are so energetic and talented in the fields of vocal, dance to rap.

Let’s give your support for Weeekly’s debut by watching the following ‘Tag Me’ music video!


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