Microsoft, which recently released 2004, the new Windows 10 update, is warning some users that your device is not yet ready. The warning is shown to users whose hardware is not compatible with the new version.

Microsoft released the first major update of 2020 for Windows 10 to all users two days ago. The update, which came with important innovations, increased the security of the computers and provided improvements in terms of usability. However, like almost every Windows 10 update, this update has plagued many users.

But on the one hand, there are users who cannot download and install the new update on their computers. Microsoft is preventing updates from being installed on devices that it predicts will have problems with the new update. The company also shows users a warning about the 2004 update in Windows Update.

‘Your device is not yet fully ready’

The error Microsoft showed to users entering the Windows Update settings says their computers are not ready for the 2004 update yet. However, when the device is ready for the update, it states that the update will appear on the same page. Microsoft’s error is exactly as follows:

“Windows 10 May 2020 update is on the way. We offer this update to compatible devices, but your device is not fully ready yet. When your device is ready, you will see the update on this page. You don’t need to take any action right now. ”

If you are one of Microsoft’s users who encounter this message, you should make sure that your hardware is completely up to date. According to some shares, manufacturers may not have released a driver compatible with the new version of Windows 10, even if your hardware is up to date. In this case, the only thing you can do is wait.

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