Do not click or enter the links of the false email, it is a scam for you to download malware on your device.

Here we go again… Do you have a Facebook account? If you don’t have it, you don’t have to worry about anything. If you have it, you shouldn’t worry either, because that email you received is false. Yes, the email that in the subject tells you that you have just blocked the account on the social network. It turns out to be false, something you can check on the spot, but don’t hit any of the links it brings.

Blocked Facebook account

Many people these days – who subscribes to the news included – have been receiving an email of those of alarm, since it says in the subject very clear “Facebook – Your account has been temporarily blocked by security.” What happened? Why have your account been blocked? Before entering the email, do one thing: open another browser or the Facebook app on the mobile and enter your account. What’s going on? That you can open it without problems, which means one thing: the account is not locked.

This is an email whose message contains various links that download malware. The content of the message uses as a pretext that your user account of the social network has been blocked, because someone has reported an image of the album as “inappropriate content”.

Links with malware

The body of the email repeatedly urges you to click on any of the links, either to see the reported photo, to proceed to remove the image tag that supposedly has inappropriate content or to access the information of the person who made the report. If you do, if you click on any of the links, a .zip file containing malware will automatically be downloaded to the device on which you are viewing the email.

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If we pay attention to the email itself, we see the usual characteristics of spam emails, such as the attempt to impersonate a well-known network or brand, or the fact that it is written with several misspellings and expressions – the word ‘link’ Thus poorly written it is repeated several times, which does not help to give credibility to the mail precisely. As always, simply delete the email or put it in the SPAM folder, since it is the umpteenth cybercriminal attempt to hack your mobile or PC.


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