The Scout robot truck patrols your home with its sensors and cameras, allowing you to constantly monitor it. Even if you are not at home, it provides 24-hour service by charging itself.

The fact that distance education became permanent due to the pandemic made it necessary for children to stay at home, especially. For working parents, children staying home are a problem and the need for caregivers arises. Or an important task falls on the eldest child of the house. Nevertheless, it is imperative to constantly monitor the house in any case.

What is a Scout?
The Scout project, which seeks support on Kickstarter, appeals to those who want to establish a continuous tracking system at home. The Scout, which is the size of a tiny toy truck that fits in the palm, is equipped with a Full HD camera with night vision support.

Designed with wheels to go in all directions, the Scout starts working by being triggered by a timer or smart home sensors. The robot, which can patrol for 24 hours, performs artificial intelligence operations via Google TensorFlow.

The robot, which can recognize obstacles, people and animals in the house, returns to the station and automatically recharges. In addition, thanks to the robotic coding platform, you can also develop extra accessories such as hooks.

Scout robot, which can be followed through the application, is ideal not only for children but also for people with pets. The product will begin distribution in June for $ 139 and has collected the amount it needs in a short time.


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