One of Google’s great apps has been updated after a long time. YouTube, which has not received updates since December 7, received a bug fix update.

Google has not been supporting its major apps since Apple began requesting explanations from developers regarding user privacy and data processing. The company has updated its YouTube app for iOS for the first time after December 7, 2020.

Will Google apps for iOS get updates?
Many other major Google apps such as Chrome, Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Meet are still not updated and privacy information is not displayed on App Store listings. Waze, owned by Google, updated its iOS app a few days ago and added privacy information as part of the update as Apple required.

Earlier this week, some users were starting to see “out of date” warnings when trying to add a new account, even though there was no new version of the Gmail app for iOS and there were no updates to the app since December 1.

The latest version of YouTube includes bug fixes and performance improvements according to the release notes provided by Google. Although this update, which came after a long hiatus, is just a bug fix, it means that Gmail and other apps may be upgraded soon.


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