YouTube, the popular video streaming platform, has launched HDR video viewing, which offers clearer images for live streaming.

YouTube, the most preferred video viewing platform today, has developed a brand new feature for live streaming. The US company announced today that it will bring the HDR playback feature it offers in videos for live broadcast. Because with this feature, users will be able to watch live broadcast videos in their most realistic form.

YouTube normally introduced HDR video playback feature in 2016. This feature, also called high dynamic range, was only applicable to pre-uploaded videos. However, the giant company announced today that it has brought the HDR feature in live broadcast. This feature, which is brought for live broadcast, offers users an extremely excellent real-time experience.

HDR technology, also called high dynamic range, provides brighter and more vibrant images on supported devices as mentioned above. You can now broadcast or watch better quality live broadcast with your well-equipped phones.

HDR video stream offered for YouTube live streaming; You can experience it by activating it on devices such as smartphones, televisions, tablets and Chromecast. However, if your devices do not support HDR video playback, you will not be able to see this option in the resolution settings. You can continue watching as standard for these devices.


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