After Apple changed its privacy policy, even though the good of the users was in question, application developers had a hard time. In this direction, many developers have been the target of criticism after updating. We can give WhatsApp as the biggest example of these.



With this innovation, application developers who want to publish applications on the iOS platform have to explain what personal data they collect and how they use them.

On the Google side, many important applications have not been updated since Apple’s privacy policy was changed. The first big step in this direction was taken today. One of Google’s most important applications, YouTube has finally been updated!

YouTube, the world’s most popular video streaming and streaming platform, has not been receiving weekly updates on average since December 7. Until today.

With the update published by YouTube; It has clearly stated that it can use personal information such as postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, and identification information such as user ID and device ID in applications and websites belonging to other companies.

Besides YouTube, Google; Google still hasn’t updated Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Maps and Google Meet apps.


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