YouTube is planning to introduce a new feature called timed comment that makes it possible to comment on a particular moment of the video!


Recently, we witness that many social media platforms are trying new features. In fact, Twitter exaggerated this job and started to implement this feature of the Clubhouse application itself, whose only goal is to chat with different people. Of course, every social media platform will strive to keep itself alive and improve. Undoubtedly, YouTube is such a platform. This platform, which is a medium where young users find themselves, has millions of users flow daily. The application, which contains videos on almost every subject, is considering to bring a new feature. With this feature, users will be able to comment on any video they watch. Other users will also be able to see that comment when the moment arrives while watching the video. YouTube has called this feature a timed comment. Here are the details on the subject!

YouTube Tries Scheduled Commenting Feature!

Since YouTube is new to this feature, it does not allow all users to use it. Currently only being tested with some specific users. It is possible to turn this feature on or off from the filtering section in the comments section. But what does such a feature do?

This feature allows you to see the reaction of the audience to a certain joke in the entertainment industry, and it can show us the humor made through a certain speech. You may have added details that you do not know in the education sector as a viewer comment to that minute. It may even include descriptions of the lyrics spoken in some song genres. For example, the sarcastic words of the artists can be explained in rap style songs. We are sure that this feature, which can be used for many different enjoyable and informative purposes, will enable the audience and producers to intertwine and increase the sincerity between them.

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