New reports shared show that YouTube is testing the new comment feature for mobile devices.

As you know, YouTube currently allows us to add comments by typing the minute and second in the comments section. However, with the reports shared today, we see that YouTube is working on a brand new comment feature for mobile devices.

Thanks to this feature, which has started to be tested on mobile devices, it is stated that users can comment on the second they watch while watching a video. In fact, a similar feature of this feature is available in the SoundCloud application. As you know, in this application, users can add their comments to a certain second of the music they listen to and share these comments with other users.

Google, on the other hand, plans to bring a similar feature to YouTube’s Android and iOS versions, thus allowing us to add comments to a certain second of the video we watch. In this way, users will be able to share information about that second of the video they watched with other users.

For now, nothing is known about how this feature is currently being tested or how it will work. However, with the visual prepared by the Android Police team, we witness how this feature will work more or less.

When we examine the image above, we observe that an explosion occurred in the 3:42 second of the video. In this part, if it is in a bubble, it is stated that the explosion takes place in this second of the video. It is said that this feature, which Google has tested with certain users, will work more or less with this logic.

In addition, it is not known when this comment feature tested by YouTube will be available. However, sources close to the company estimate that this comment feature will be available as soon as possible.

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