The Pentagon has developed a simulation scenario for the war game (JLASS 2018), where people born between 1997-2012 (Generation Z) will rebel against the system. The uprising called ‘Zbellion’ will take place in 2025 and Bitcoin will be one of the main weapons.

Social Justice with Bitcoin

The Pentagon document states that Generation Z will be disappointed with the concept of the American dream after passing through 9/11 and the Great Depression and then struggling to pay for university loans (the 2020 outbreak will be the icing on the cake). To fight the status quo, some militant members of the generation will begin to form a protest movement that took place both online and offline in mid-2020. The rebels took the “malicious software” in the dark web into their hands and made it to companies, political institutions, etc. will be able to launch sophisticated cyber campaigns against.

After stealing money from organizations with attacks, the rebels will redistribute income to the public with the help of Bitcoin to bring social justice. The simulation also includes scenarios involving ISIS and opponents of capitalism.

More than a game

Young generations that challenge the status quo with the help of Bitcoin are not just the fiction of Pengaton. More than 68 trillion dollars of wealth will be transferred to Generation Z years later. Kraken Intelligence estimated that if only five percent of this money was converted to BTC, the price of Bitcoin could rise to $ 350,000.

According to last year’s Blockchain Capital survey, 30 percent of the new generation preferred Bitcoin rather than traditional currencies.


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