Following Marvel’s great success in cinema, DC, one of Marvel’s biggest competitors, also entered the movie industry, but it cannot be said to be very successful.

As you know, Disney took the first steps of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the Iron Man movie. He created a thriving universe that has passed 11 years and will pass. DC, one of Marvel’s biggest competitors, did the same, but was not very successful. Many people also wondered why DC didn’t do it like Marvel.

The head of the DC Cinematic Universe, Zack Snyder, who also directed several films in the universe, recently explained why they didn’t go where Marvel went. He said that they never had to go over Marvel’s method in their minds. As you know, Marvel prepared a movie for each character before and finally made Avengers movies in which all the characters were collected. DC, on the other hand, started with the movie in which he collected all the characters and then released the films of other characters.

According to Zack Snyder, the most important reason for this was that DC had already made and popular productions. So when Marvel started this business, none of the characters that Disney had had a movie recently. That’s why Disney was able to build a universe from scratch.

But apart from animations that are regularly and popular every year on the DC side, Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy was also featured, and there were also some hugely popular series running on the CW channel; Like The Flash and Arrow. So Zack Snyder told people, “Forget all that production and look at our movie.” He said that they chose a different model because they thought they could not say.


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