Jason Momoa released on Thursday (18) on Instagram the first teaser of the Justice League “Snyder Cut”. The scene in question shows Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) apparently in a cave, where she discovers the existence of Darkseid through a drawing of the villain on a kind of mural, with a look very similar to the classic versions of the comics.

The video also has a narration by Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), located at the end of Batman v Superman, who says: “the bell has already rang and they heard it. Out in the dark among the stars. Ding dong. The god is dead ”. With this set of aspects, the preview raises expectations for the arrival of the villain.

It ends with the previously revealed image of Darkseid’s initial aesthetic, in the struggle of antiquity between Amazons and other groups on Earth for possession of a maternal box. This event, in the cinema version, had the participation of Lobo da Estepe.

In the caption for the video’s publication, the actor said that the advantage of being chosen by Snyder to be Aquaman is that he has access to inside information on the subject, before the general public. A few minutes later, the director himself also made the video available on his Twitter profile and indicated that more news about the project should be presented at the DC FanDome, an online event that will bring panels from several Warner Bros. productions. about the superheroes on the label.

Snyder’s original plan for the Justice League was to split the story into two parts and insert Darkseid as the team’s main antagonist. However, after the family tragedy that led to his departure from the project, the idea was modified by the studio and by Joss Whedon, removing it completely from the final version.

With the confirmation of its debut in 2021 on HBO Max, the “Snyder Cut” should have more scenes released and information on the structure of the production, which, instead of being released on the streaming service as a feature, can arrive in series format limited.


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