The new high-budget action / sci-fi movie Army of the Dead by Zack Snyder, which we know from successful productions such as Watchmen and 300, will be released on Netflix on May 21.

The release date of the highly anticipated new movie Army of the Dead by famous director Zack Snyder has finally been announced. The movie, which will come to the screens on Netflix, will meet with the audience on May 21 at the same time all over the world.

Snyder’s zombie-themed action sci-fi movie Army of the Dead is about a group of mercenaries who travel to zombie-infested Las Vegas, Nevada and attempt to carry out the biggest ever attempted robbery. The movie, which is stated to be prepared with a large budget of about 90 million dollars, is the leading role of Dave Bautista, whom we know from the Guardians of the Galaxy series.

Two new projects in the Army of the Dead universe are coming
Snyder’s movie Army of the Dead already seems to have caused a lot of excitement on Netflix. Because although the movie has not been released yet, Netflix has approved two new projects in the same universe. One of the projects will be a prequel movie about the prequel to Army of the Dead, and the other will be an anime spin-off called Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas.

The live-action movie, which will prequel to Army of the Dead, will star Ludwig Dieter, one of the characters of the first movie. Nathalie Emmanuel, whom we witness from Game of Thrones, is also cast in the prequel project.

The Army of the Dead project, which Zack Snyder has been working on since 2007, was originally developed under the umbrella of Warner Bros. However, the movie later switched to Netflix and was able to find the budget he was looking for. The Army of the Dead movie will be one of Netflix’s most anticipated original productions this year.


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