Zoom, the company responsible for the videoconferencing service that grew at a fast pace with the new coronavirus pandemic, announced the first acquisition in its history. She bought Keybase, a company focused on security and encryption.

Keybase’s task will be to build end-to-end encryption for video calls. In other words, this means that soon the platform will have a form of privacy in which the data generated by the call and the users’ information are not stored without encryption on external servers, with the key codes being made available only to those involved in the call.

Among the products launched, the developer was already responsible for a messenger and a file storage service, which means that we can see improvements in Zoom at these points in the near future.

Running against time
The measure is part of Zoom’s plan to improve the privacy and protection of users within a period of 90 days, stipulated from April this year. While it boomed in popularity, reaching 300 million daily callers, the company also generated a lot of criticism for the vulnerabilities, lack of privacy and data leaks – and promised to fix everything as quickly as possible.

The details of the encryption system to be adopted will be revealed in a report later this month.

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