Video calling platform Zoom has implemented an application that most users will not like. On the platform, only the people who pay the fee are encrypted. So why is this?

Eric Yuan, the CEO of Zoom platform, which has reached a very large number of users especially after the coronavirus epidemic, announced on Tuesday that it will offer end-to-end encryption service to its customers using the paid version of the popular video call software with millions of users. Express CEO stated that this application is only valid for paying users, saying that they want to work with FBI, free users cannot benefit from it.

Yuan, who shared the first quarter revenue of 2020 of the popular video conferencing platform Zoom on Tuesday, was the target of criticism on privacy and security earlier this year. At the beginning of these criticisms was end-to-end encryption, based on the privacy and security of users’ data. In fact, the company once stated that it made this service active for all its users, and then apologized to all users for giving false information for something it did not actually do.

End-to-end encryption will be available to paid members only:

Realizing the importance and seriousness of this issue recently, the company’s officials took a step towards this issue through the encryption and security service Keybase, which they had agreed last month. As a result of the purchase, Yuan officially announced on Tuesday that users with paid membership will be offered end-to-end encryption. However, the CEO of the popular video conferencing platform said he would not offer this feature to members using the free version, as they wanted to contribute to the public order by working with the FBI and local law enforcement agencies.

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Yuan showed some reason that some people could use the platform for malicious purposes. These statements made by the CEO of the popular video call platform have been met by many people. Many users even warned their followers and their close circle not to use the platform anymore.

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