Zoom, which suddenly shines among video call applications, plans to offer email service in the near future. The company is preparing for the aftermath of the pandemic.

With the effect of the pandemic, Zoom, which managed to be the most successful application of 2020, has started preparations for the new period. In addition to the video call application, e-mail and calendar application are also among the plans.

Zoom email service
The Zoom application, which witnessed an intense video call traffic during the pandemic period, also experienced a significant rise as a company. However, in the new period, normalization expectations may reduce the interest in video call applications.

According to information from sources close to the company, preparations for an e-mail and calendar application began. The e-mail application is planned to be put into service in early 2021 if the priority projects and things go well.

The Zoom brand wants people to show interest again after returning to offices and workplaces. Thus, it will be able to create an ecosystem that integrates video calling, e-mail and calendar applications. Of course, these are directly related to the course of the pandemic.


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