Having exploded with the coronavirus epidemic, Zoom made a new plan to overcome security problems. Zoom’s will install a strong encryption system for paying users.

While working at home and distance education has become widespread due to the new deadly coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19), which has spread to the whole world after the emergence in Wuhan, People’s Republic of China, and one of the most profitable applications from this process is video conferencing.

However, Zoom is known to have serious security and privacy gaps. In fact, because of these problems, some government agencies in the USA started to prevent using Zoom. California-based video conferencing application company is trying to innovate both to keep up with the growing market and to respond to new needs. The last example of this is a strong encryption preparation.

A plan for paid users

Zoom security adviser Alex Stamos said at a conference with human rights groups and fighters against child abuse that they have strong encryption plans for individuals or institutions that subscribe to Zoom for a fee. Stamos said it is not yet clear whether or not non-profit organizations or political opponents can make safer video calls, and the plan is open to change.

Stamos says that a combination of technological, security and commercial factors is included in the plan, while this situation has received positive and negative reactions by privacy advocates. The attractive part of Zoom for users is that they can make video calls without any membership. Currently, it is stated that 300 million calls are made daily via Zoom.

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However, the application receives a lot of criticism due to vulnerabilities. For example, last month Google banned all its employees from using Zoom on corporate computers. Zoom was previously prohibited in schools in the USA. The company recently added nine new features to the platform. Zoom, which took many steps to address the security concerns surrounding it, provided users with significant flexibility in terms of privacy and security options thanks to the new features it published.


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