Facebook Messenger Rooms, a zoom alternative, is available. The application, which allows even 50-person conversations, seems very useful. The new Facebook video call application, Messenger Rooms, Zoom, WhatsApp and Google Hangouts, which was introduced in the last week of April and wrote the news, offers an alternative to video conferencing applications.

Facebook Messenger Rooms launched
With the Corona virus epidemic, video conferencing applications entered our lives in a very short time. Many people make their job interviews through these applications, while others have their conversations with their friends.

The new application of Facebook, which has recently been added to these applications, which is used for many purposes, attracts attention with its permission for 50 people.

Rooms, which allow 50 people to video chat at the same time, do not need a Facebook account for these group chats opened at the same time.

In addition to this feature, which is one of the most useful aspects of the application, participation in conversations is provided through a link. The application, which does not feature end-to-end encryption, also includes live AR effects that will make the conversations more fun.

In addition to this, in addition to the speech settings that are left to the control of the person who starts the conversation, such as Discord and Zoom, those who want can also participate in the conversation.

The app has now released its version for both mobile devices and desktop. Now you can make video conferences of up to 50 people for free!


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