Messenger Rooms, which will benefit from Facebook and Instagram’s large user base in the future, can be positioned as one of Zoom’s most important competitors.

Zoom, which was previously designed only to address corporate meetings, plays a role in the messaging applications of social networks after the Covid-19 outbreak. Facebook, which recently announced Zoom-like Messenger Rooms, is speeding up the steps it takes to secure its place in the video call market.

Facebook, which opens Messenger Rooms to all users worldwide, can be positioned as one of Zoom’s most important competitors. Let us remind you that 50 people can participate in the conversations without any time limitation in Messenger Rooms.

Let’s mention that Messenger Rooms will benefit from Facebook and Instagram’s broad user base. Messenger Rooms allows anyone with the created link to join the video chat. When someone using the feature creates a chat room, Facebook notifies users via a new section in the news feed or sends notifications to specific friends.

As Facebook has previously announced, let’s also point out that users can participate in conversations within Instagram DMs, WhatsApp and Portal. Likewise, it will be possible to start a conversation on these social networks.

For now, however, users can only start conversations via Messenger or Facebook. Users who do not have a Facebook account can also be sent an invitation to join the conversation.

Meanwhile, during the company’s last earnings report, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the time spent in video group chats has increased by 1000% in recent weeks. When Covid-19 and Facebook application family are combined, it is possible to say that there is a serious increase in interaction in this area. Still, if we consider the lack of features like Messenger Rooms’ social background and screen sharing, we can say that the application does not appeal to the corporate area. This shows us that Messenger Rooms will not have a move for Zoom’s main target group.


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