ZTE Axon30 Pro 5G is coming to be among the stars of 2021. The smartphone industry is gaining another dimension every day. Despite this, smartphone manufacturers continue to push the boundaries and quickly offer new models to users. ZTE is undoubtedly one of them and a brand that is frequently mentioned in the smartphone industry with its new models. Although it fails to publish updates, it does very well both in terms of design and performance. So, will the Chinese manufacturer be able to maintain its claim in 2021 with its new model?



We know that the ZTE Axon20 model was introduced in September 2020. The most striking feature of this model was that it had a hidden camera placed under the screen. However, although it has been 5 months since the introduction of the Axon20 model, it is certain that a higher model will be introduced soon. However, the launch date of the new model, which will be the successor of ZTE Axon20, is unknown.

Ni Fei, President of ZTE Mobile Devices, announced the ZTE Axon30 Pro 5G on Weibo. According to Ni Fei, the new model will be one of the smartphones with the best and most powerful camera setup of 2021. He also shared an image in the form of folder and sim card in the Ni Fei announcement. This photo is said to express the outline of the camera design on the device.

The new model is expected to be powered by the Snapdragon 888 chipset. In addition, will UD camera technology be developed and find a place in the device? This is another matter of curiosity. These issues will become clearer in the coming days. We will continue to keep you informed as there are developments.


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