Introduced by OPPO for the first time in the smartphone market in June 2019, the under-screen camera technology revolutionized the mobile market. OPPO, which does not continue this technology, did not introduce a smartphone using this hardware. ZTE, on the other hand, was seen as “finished” after the American sanctions, and suddenly we came across with the ZTE Axon 20, the world’s first phone to use under-screen camera technology. ZTE made a statement today on the most official channel about under-screen camera technology.



Ni Fei, ZTE’s head of mobile business, shared a message at his personal Weibo address and announced that they will be showcasing the second-generation under-screen camera technology at MWC in Shanghai from February 23-25. We think this phone could possibly be ZTE Axon 30 (Pro) too. At this point, Fei shared a very interesting information with us.

As you know, in the current under-screen camera technology, the resolution of the pixels in the area of ​​the front camera was reduced and the image was created by creating a gap here. Fei stated in his statement that they will use a very different technology and the camera will take the image with the backlit technology called BSI.

One way or another, ZTE alone performed one of the urban legends of the mobile market. Today, we see that the second generation under-screen camera technology will be much better and will eliminate the pixel problem to a great extent. We hope this technology is used by big manufacturers and we can get rid of the phones with holes in this screen …


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