The concept of open source, which is frequently used in the IT and electronics industry, has spread to the pharmaceutical industry thanks to the corona virus. Authorities say they have developed an open source corona virus vaccine.

Open source corona virus vaccine developed
Many countries continue to work on treatment and vaccination methods simultaneously within the scope of combating the Corona virus. Finnish scientists announced that the vaccine they developed will be shared as an open source to benefit humanity.

Stating that they have completed the vaccine development processes, Helsinki University Professor of Virology Kalle Saksela said, “We will start testing the open source vaccine in mid-June. Finland should actively participate in vaccine development. We should not expect international pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs and vaccines. ” used expressions.

The vaccine-developing team said they were inspired by the open source Linux kernel developed by Linus Torvalds. Saksala described the vaccine they developed as a Linux vaccine.

Unlike pharmaceutical companies, the team stated that they would not charge fees for patents and special rights and announced that they developed the vaccine by using funds suspended due to the corona virus.

Stating that they are hopeful about the vaccine they have developed, Saksela said, “If we skip or ignore any test phase, it can lead to major disasters. However, we rely on ourselves as we have advanced this research based on past test results. ” said.


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