A PlayStation 4 game called Project Oak Tree has been detected. The information about this production is very limited. It was understood that this game, which has not been announced yet, is at the beginning of the road.

What is known about the PlayStation 4 game Project Oak Tree?

The game, which preserves its mystery, has been confirmed to be a multiplayer project. The mysterious game, which is still in its alpha stage, takes up almost 3 GB of space. He also revealed his CUSA code: “UP0002-CUSA20245_00-ATVI2020ALPHAA02,”.

A game has CUSA code; it means that the production will be launched in America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. From this point of view, we understand that Project Oak Tree is a large scale game.

It is stated that the image above belongs to this game. When we look at the image, we cannot access any information other than the letter “A”. Apart from that, a file called “1.01 update” prepared for the game was leaked.

There is a folder called “Errors and Network Fixes” in the file. We have previously witnessed that such a folder naming is used by many famous game makers as usual.

In addition, a game file called “Play Together Flag” was discovered. It is not yet clear whether this file is prepared for a multiplayer game mode. Some sources think this may be linked to social media sites.

This file, according to many experienced players, can host a game option, such as the flag grabbing mode available in the Unreal Tournament production. There is a very interesting detail in the CUSA code of the game.

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The relevant code contains the label “ATVI”. This label stands out as the label used by Activision, the distributor of the Call of Duty series, on the NASDAQ (National Securities Dealers Association and Automated Bidding System) platform.

Several sources state that this project was actually related to Call of Duty 2020, but was called by such a name to protect its mystery. Of course, this possibility is extremely low, but not impossible. What are you thinking?


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