Among Us and Genshin Impact are among games that were fever in 2020. Check out the list of mobile games that stood out this year. 

The year 2020 was of great importance in the mobile games market. With the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) and the consequent need for social isolation, mobile games have become the main hobby of many people. Titles for Android and iPhone ( iOS ) set sales and download records.

There were some news, like the launch of the action RPG Genshin Impact , and some other games that were already on the market gained even more relevance, as happened with Among Us and Pokémon Go . Check, in the list below, the mobile games that were fever in 2020.

Among Us

Launched in 2018, the multiplayer of betrayal and strategy Among Us had a growing wave of success this year, after several influencers broadcast game streams on Twitch . The title remained among the most downloaded mobile games for three consecutive months and surpassed the mark of 85 million downloads worldwide.

The title’s success was so great that, even though it hit the market two years ago, it took the category of best mobile game of 2020 , during the Game Awards .


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