Google officially released the Android 11 version about 5-6 months ago. It turned out that Google, which corrected the errors in the system with the updates it offered from time to time, still could not fix the wireless controller support. We can say that the Android 11 controller has officially failed, so to speak.



Android 11 continues to upset users about the controller

According to the information transferred, Pixel users cannot use Xbox or PlayStation controllers stably over Bluetooth. Even Razer Kishi can detect it in some scenarios. Even if the controllers are connected, problems such as pressing the keys you do not press in games and drifting in analogs occur.

Google is not making a statement about this issue for now. However, this problem should be fixed as soon as possible. It is not acceptable for Google, which has also entered the game business with Stadia, to victimize its own customers. Imagine you are selling a cloud game service, but the controller cannot be connected and played on the company’s own phones.

Internet and technology giant Google will probably solve this problem with the update to be released in February, and all wireless controllers will be connected to Android phones without any problems.

Well, do you connect a controller to the Android phone and play games? Or do you prefer to play mobile games on the touchscreen?


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