AOA’s ex member Mina, attempted suicide due to bullying. Singer accuses bandmate Jimin and says she resorted to self-mutilation.

Singer Mina, famous for the K-pop group AOA, revealed that she had been victims of years of bullying by former band mate Jimin and that because of the harassment, she began to self-mutilate and even attempted suicide. In a series of Instagram posts, she recounted her drama and even showed her cut wrist in a photo that was deleted. Mina also accused the other girls in the girl band and FNC Entertainment, the company that manages the group’s career, of knowing about bullying and doing nothing.

“I didn’t try to commit suicide now. It was something I did about a month ago, after talking to an FNC employee,” she said - Jimin, according to the company, would have asked for forgiveness, which Mina denies. “I sent a message to an FNC [Entertainment] representative asking, ‘You asked for forgiveness. Please don’t lie ?. He replied that he was going to investigate the situation and apparently they thought she was apologizing through the eyes,” he said.

“How can I accept an apology from someone who arrives with eyes so open and asks me where my knife is, who says he doesn’t remember. It is better to just give up,” she confessed, saying she tried to kill herself again after see that the company would not do anything.

Mina further claimed that Jimin was cruel to her even when her father died. According to her, the former colleague is said to have been “spoiling the mood”. “To be honest, I didn’t want to leave AOA, but I did it because of a person who hated me. I was bullied for ten years,” she said in a long post on Instagram about her suffering.


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