Beats by Dr. continues on his way under the roof of Apple. Important information about the new brand of wireless headphones of the Dre brand continues to emerge. The new information that emerges in both Powerbeats 4 features and design answers many curious questions.

How will Apple Powerbeats 4 features be?
The first thing to mention about Apple Powerbeats 4 features is that it offers 15 hours of battery life. In terms of comparison, the Apple Powerbeats 3 model, announced in 2016, had a limited 13-hour battery life.

Indeed, there is a 2-hour battery gain. However, it is also noted that the new wireless headset model will offer 60 minutes of use with a short charge of 5 minutes.

No serious changes are expected on the battery capacity side. The main reason for offering longer battery life compared to the previous model can be shown as Apple’s use of the new generation H1 chip.

As is known, Apple prefers the new generation H series chips in its brand-new wireless headset models AirPods and AirPods Pro models. As a matter of fact, Apple Powerbeats 4 features will include H1 chip.

It is worth remembering that the Apple H1 chip is also used in the Powerbeats Pro model. However, it would not be wrong to say that the use of Hey Siri will also apply to the new wireless headset model.

On the design side, a change in the cable connecting both headphones is manifested. With the new Powerbeats 4 design, these cables go through the back of the headset.

It seems that the various problems that will occur during use have been tried to overcome with this design change.

How much will the Powerbeats 4 price be?
There is currently no information on the price of Powerbeats 4. However, it is possible to make predictions based on the previous model.

Powerbeats 3 price was at $ 199 level.

Therefore, the price of Powerbeats 4 may be similar. At this point, it will not be wrong to determine the price range from 200 to 250 dollars.


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