Apple sued Simon Lancaster, who has been a material manager at the company for ten years, for spreading confidential information about its new product, which it calls Project X.

Apple sued a former employee for leaking information to the press and stealing sensitive documents related to his work. Simon Lancaster, who spent ten years working as a material manager at Apple, is rumored to have disclosed Apple’s confidential information for an initiative he was investing in. Among these confidential information is the Apple X project.

According to the content published by AppleInsider; “Although Lancaster worked with Apple for more than a decade, he abused Apple’s position and trust within the company to systematically disseminate sensitive trade secret information for personal gain,” the company said in a lawsuit. He used his seniority to access internal meetings and documents outside the scope of Apple’s responsibilities involving trade secrets. He also conveyed these trade secrets to the media reporter outside. ” He submitted the indictment containing his statement to the court. As stated here, the material manager; He used his rank and his power to access confidential information to disclose it to a journalist. Plaintiff; He says that Lancaster exchanged this confidential information for personal benefit, including the interests of the company he was investing in.

When we examine Simon Lancaster’s LinkedIn profile, there is detailed information about his career and projects. It is clearly stated that he played an active role in the design of the 2016 MacBook Pro, 2013 MacBook and Mac Pro. The interesting part of Lancaster’s profile is that his mission in 2016 is to research new materials to be used in “next generation products” and to present their prototypes. It is thought that it carried out leaks by abusing its role here.

When we examine Simon Lancaster’s Linkedin profile a little more; In his business career, we see that he has been managing, investing and founding in various companies. Among these companies are APHRODITE, focused on the development of programming tools, various security devices development organization Smart Mimic, and Factor, an initiative to improve the supply chain; Where Simon Lancaster works in high echelons. What is curious about which of the companies here is that various documents and information were leaked. It is not known which company Apple accused in terms of the course of the case.

Another relevant detail is that after leaving Apple, Lancaster joined a materials research and development organization called Arris. He described his departure as “the need to scratch the itch of a startup” on his LinkedIn page. Apple says Arris is an Apple retailer and keeps Lancaster learning trade secrets. Most strikingly, on his last day at Apple, Lancaster downloaded “a significant number of” confidential documents from Apple’s corporate network to his personal computer. The content in these secret documents is estimated to be related to the Apple X project. So what could be the project X mentioned?

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Knowing About the Project Apple Keeps Secret
Apple has remained silent about the X project so far. Some sources state that this project points to virtual reality glasses called Apple View. In fact, The Information, which published visuals on what kind of design Apple View could have, gave the users an idea.

Before talking about the design of this device, we need to clarify a point. The smart glasses, originally described as Apple Glass; that we can carry on the street, receive notifications, see maps, etc. It was thought to offer simple use. Apparently, there have been some changes in Apple’s plan.

Everyone believed that the first Apple Glass would be a spectacle for the future with features based on simple interactions. It was among the predictions that other Apple glasses that will be released afterwards will be presented with much more advanced innovations. This is known as the development order that Apple has also adopted in its Watch watches. However, as Apple noticed some of the disadvantages during the development we mentioned, it will be that the smart glasses that are planned to be released for the first time will come with much better and innovative features. In this way, the developers will be given an advanced view on the possibilities of the eyewear series.

Based on the drawing published in The Information, the designer named Antonio De Rosa created a more detailed version of Apple View. Of course, the glasses Apple will offer is likely to be different from the images. What is striking in the design is that there are more than one camera and sensor on the glasses. In addition, the fabric pads on the inside prevent light leakage from the outside, and ensure that the glasses fit the face perfectly. It is also evident that the headband is very similar to the straps found in Watch watches. This representation that looks so plain


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