Apple Watch has achieved great success with the title of being the best selling watch in the world. Having reached the title of the world’s best-selling watch in 5 years, surpassing the 116-year-old Rolex, Apple Watch is still not at the desired point for many people. As you can guess, the general criticism of the Apple Watch is its battery performance. Because we do not even remember when we last charged the Huawei Watch GT2e, which we currently use while writing the news. Here he wants to change this situation with Apple Watch 7.



When we look at the patent applications that have emerged today, we see that Apple is working on a new battery technology. Apple will integrate the vibration motor, which is currently in its watch, into the battery and fill the remaining space of the motor with the battery. Apple Watch 7 is expected to be a thinner watch as the engine came out of there.

This technology could revolutionize the smartwatch market. Because there is a real need for watches with thinner and more batteries. Apple had previously applied for a patent on putting a battery in the watchband, but we think; Apple seems to make such a choice instead. Because putting a battery on the watch strap did not seem reasonable.

We do not think that Apple should improve the software side instead of increasing the battery capacity….


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