A new study is underway to prevent direct messages containing inappropriate images on Twitter. Users of the social media platform were very complaining about this situation and action was taken for the subject. Twitter is working on artificial intelligence-supported sexuality filter.

‘Safe DM’ will be provided with artificial intelligence-supported sexuality filter
A large number of users on Twitter complained of sexual direct messages that contained sexuality. The work started to resolve this issue was also called “Safe DM”. Thanks to this project, this situation will be prevented.

A developer named Kelsey Bressler is developing the ‘Safe DM’ project. ‘Secure DM’ will be a plugin and those who want to use it will be able to use it for free. Of course, you will also need to grant access to your direct messages for the plugin to work.

The plugin’s architect, Bressler, said he decided to do this work after receiving a message with a nude photo from a man. On the other hand, the developer used 4 thousand naked male photographs to install this plugin. These photographs were necessary for artificial intelligence to detect the sexual image. Currently, the plugin is said to be 99 percent successful.

The Secure Direct Message plugin is confirmed by the result of a research conducted in 2017, which many women need. According to the Pew Research Center, 53 percent of women aged 18-29 received sexual messages that they did not want.


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