It turned out that Bethesda, which Microsoft bought in recent months, is working on a new game. The recruitment process continues for these unannounced games.

As you know, Bethesda, the publisher and developer of Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, Doom and many more games, has been acquired by Microsoft in the past months. It is known that Bethesda is currently working on many games, and recently it turned out to have another unannounced game.

Could Be an Online-Based Game

A job posting recently opened for an unannounced game developed at Bethesda’s Austin studio. It is almost impossible to infer what the game is from the job posting. However, considering that the studio that developed the game is Austin studio, we can think that it will not be one of the main games.

Austin had previously developed online content for the game after the release of Doom 2016. They also worked in the development of the online game Fallout 76. In short, we can say that they generally work on online content.

There are some rumors that this new game will be Fallout, but we can safely say that it will not be a game from Fallout’s main series. It could be a side project in the style of Fallout 76. Regardless of the project, we can already say that the game will be included in Xbox Game Pass from day one.

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