Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, who is at the center of the conspiracy theories about the new type of coronavirus outbreak COVID-19, said that the claims that he might have created the virus to plug people into microchips are “very stupid”.

COVID-19 disease, which is thought to come from a wild animal market in Wuhan city of China, has been the subject of many conspiracy theories to date. In particular, allegations that Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates was behind the outbreak was frequently discussed in public.

Answering journalists’ questions, the billionaire entrepreneur described the conspiracy theories as “very stupid” that he might have produced the virus to plug in a microchip to create a surveillance society.

Bill Gates becomes the biggest target of conspiracy theories for the COVID-19 outbreak

“I was never interested in something like a microchip. It is almost impossible to reject these nonsense because it is so stupid or strange, ”Gates said, saying that the allegations about him were in no way reflected in the truth.

Pointing out that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which he co-managed with his wife, contributed $ 300 million to contribute to COVID-19 vaccination development efforts, Microsoft founder said that some systems are needed to help healthcare workers identify who has been vaccinated. Gates said, however, that he never thought of a solution like a microchip.

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Gates is claimed to have created the virus to implement a global surveillance system

According to data compiled by the American New York Times newspaper and media research firm Zignal Labs, Gates has become the biggest target of shared misleading information for the COVID-19 outbreak.

According to the research conducted on the basis of February-April, the conspiracy theories that billionaire entrepreneur was associated with the coronavirus were shared 33 percent more than the conspiracy theories that associate COVID-19 with 5G. In particular, Gates’ 2015 TEDx speech, which he said was the greatest threat to humanity, not a nuclear war, but a virus outbreak, spread at least as fast as the disease in that time period.

Microsoft founder said in a 2015 speech that the biggest threat to humanity is not a nuclear war, but a virus epidemic.

Gates, who made a $ 100 million donation equivalent to less than 1 percent of his total fortune to find the drug for COVID-19, left his post at Microsoft, where he was a founding partner to support coronavirus studies.

Meanwhile, the famous microchip advisor and writer Roger Stone had put forward the microchip claim. Stone, who advised US President Donald Trump during the election campaign, said, “The role of Bill Gates in the process of creating and spreading this outbreak is open to debate. Some of my conservative friends find this absurd, while others find it absolutely correct. Gates and other globalists use the epidemic to make vaccines mandatory and plug in microchips for people. ”


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